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SQL Server Comparison Expert 2.6

It is a powerful mssql database comparison and synchronization tool
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SQL Server Comparison Expert is a database software tool which provides you with very useful comparison functionality, such as database analysis, repairing, comparison and synchronization, backup and restore, among many others. Of course, this program is especially designed to work with MS SQL databases, and it is able to manage all their different kinds of objects and components.

The program presents a very nice interface. However, you may change its look and feel easily using the View tab. It is also designed to support multiple languages, even though English is the only one included by default. On the Structure tab, you can find all the necessary elements to establish a new connection to a running SQL Server, or open a previously saved session. When you create a new connection, you may provide all the necessary information, such as the authentication type (SQL Server or Windows NT), the username, the password, and a project name, so that you can store the new information and re-open that specific connection more easily in the future. Here you can also compare and synchronize databases, and select different types of objects to work with.

There is also the Data tab, which provides additional tools. For instance, here you can show and hide difference columns, copy scripts, compare and synchronize at data level, merge the data of two tables into a single one, and filter the data objects. Finally, there is also the Tools tab, where you can work with Triggers and Foreign Keys, and export schema and data scripts.

As you can see, SQL Server Comparison Expert is a very comprehensive Database tool. However, it might be a bit expensive for many people. Its trial period is relatively short - only 14 days.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Nice and customizable interface
  • Comprehensive tool
  • Allows you to save the connection parameters to re-open it in the future easily


  • 14-day trial
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